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    VLE Training In Bhutan

    An Instructional Design Training was conducted to Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) by the University of Colombo School of Computing.

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"The e-Learning Centre of UCSC is the National Centre to promote e-Learning (in all sectors of education) in Sri Lanka”


e-Learning Centre of UCSC: National Centre of Excellence in e-Learning (NeLC)

In 2002, the UCSC started its e-Learning development and services by establishing the e-Learning Centre. Its primary aim was to serve over 1000 internal and 5000 external students but now it is ready to expand its services to the whole nation through following activities. Read more...

Research and Development (R&D)

e-Learning is a discipline which integrates information communication technology and education and there are no ready made solutions for emerging requirements. NeLC is conducting several research and development work (R&D) work in e-Learning to find solutions which can be applied in the local context.


Interactive e-Learning

NeLC is developing interactive e-learning materials for self-learning and an e-assessment environment for students to obtain graduate level as well as professional qualifications. Courses that will be supported by an interactive e-learning and e-assessment environment


Consulting and Services

NeLC is willing to provide its consulting and services to institutes in higher education, school, public, private and community sectors. To disseminate and share the knowledge in e-learning, NeLC is building a community for e-learning in Sri Lanka through “National e-Learning Consortium”.

Capacity Building & Training

It is understood that the capacity building and specialized training are very important for the expansion and sustainability of e-Learning in Sri Lanka. NeLC is introducing following programmes under the collaboration several higher education institutes in Sweden and other countries.