e-Learning Centre of UCSC: National Centre of Excellence in e-Learning (NeLC)

The UCSC is the leading Human Resource Development (HRD) institute in ICT in the country and has been identified by several agencies as the location for a Centre of Excellence in e-Learning. With the highly qualified academic staff of over 50 and state of the art facilities, the UCSC is the most suited to meet the challenge of introducing e-Learning in Sri Lanka. In 2002, the UCSC started its e-Learning development and services by establishing the e-Learning Centre. Its primary aim was to serve over 1000 internal and 5000 external students but now it is ready to expand its services to the whole nation through following activities. There are several donor agencies are supporting these activities and Sida (Sweeden International Development Agency) is the main sponsor.


Open, Flexible and Distributed e-Learning Environment to provide effective, efficient, scalable and economical learning opportunities to stakeholder communities in Universities, Schools, the Public Sector and Society at large.