Capacity Building & Training

It is understood that the capacity building and specialized training are very important for the expansion and sustainability of e-Learning in Sri Lanka. NeLC is introducing following programmes under the collaboration several higher education institutes in Sweden and other countries.

PhD and MPhil programmes in e-Learning - Full Time

The development of human capacity is an important foundation to achieve the project objectives as well as to maintain the sustainability of e-Learning culture in all sectors of education.

NeLC project deals with (four) sectors of the education; Higher Education (HE), School Education (SE), Community Education (CE) and Professional Education (PE) [including specialized training]. Therefore, for postgraduate and research programs, more emphasis was given to identify e-Learning applications, methodologies and services in Higher Education, Secondary Education and Professional Education sectors. Read More...

Master of Information Technology (e-Learning) - Part Time

From 2008, the University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) started to offer four e-learning courses in the 2nd year for those students who want to follow the e-Learning stream for the Masters of Information Technology (MIT) degree programme. The first batch of Master of Information Technology (MIT) in e-Learning program was successfully completed during the third year of NeLC Project. This can be considered as one of the major achievements in this project. MIT (e-Learning) is the only postgraduate degree program in Sri Lanka. Read More...

Specialized Training in e-Learning

The E-learning Diploma  is a fully online programme with 8 courses and a project which blends project-based, activity-based and collaborative learning approaches and will be available from 2011. The aim of this programme is to provide a framework for individuals in the development of competence to design, deliver, support and evaluate effective e-Learning strategies in the workplace, supported by adult learning, instructional design and educational principles. Read more...

Workshops and Seminars

Several workshops and seminars were conducted by the NeLC project. Some of these workshops were conducted as part of the development and evaluation process carried out by the NeLC staff for the BIT, FIT and NeLC courses. Other important workshops include Moodle localization and several other workshops conducted by foreign experts to teach the necessary skills required by the Instructional Designers and content developers of this project.