Office Skill Assessment System - OSAS

This is a collaborative system developed by UCSC and Delt University in Netherland under NeLC Project funding. The outcome of the project is available to assess anyone by downloading relevant modules developed for Moodle Open Source LMS. Project details are described below.

Online Skill Assessment

  • Most e-testing systems and tools are restricted to Multiple Choice Question test engines. (NeLC e-Testing System). MCQs are good for knowleldge assessment but they are not the best way to assess skills of learners. In the domain of the user Office Applications, our research has shown that MCQ based testing some limitations even if we have negative marking and questions based on actual activities of using office applications.
  • Lab test is the common approach used to evaluate skill of using office applications. However, such a test takes a significant resources with respect to marking those lab tests. OSAS system was developed to automate lab tests to provide the immediate feedback to both parties.
  • OSAS was developed considering the practical lab assignments. Microsoft and some other parties have developed similar tools but they are restricted for a particular domain and also not open source for further investigation. OSAS is an open source tool allowing any one to experiment as well as further develop.
  • Office Skill Assessment System (OSAS) can be introduced as an automated marking tool aims in providing facilities to assess one's ability to use MS-Office Applications. However, our objective is to expand the OSAS to other office applications such as Open Office. However, time and resources restricted us to consider only MS-Office 2007 version only.
  • OSAS is a freely available FOSS tool that can been integrated to the Moodle Learning Management System. You can use links below to experiment how this system works. If that is interesting, you can download the modules to use them in Moodle Instance. We appreciate any contribution and support to further continue this project.

Online Demo System




  • Roshan Sedera, Bert Geers, and K. P. Hewagamage “Online e-Assessment System for Skill Evaluation of MS-Office Applications” in the proceedings of 7th International Joint Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (JCSSE2010), Thailand , May 12-14, 2010


Workshops Conducted

  • Online e-Assessment for Skill Evaluatin of Office Applications



  • Roshan Sedar, University of Colombo School of Computing.
  • Bert Wolters, Delft University of Technology.
  • Martijn Reijerse, Delft University of Technology.
  • Mr. Bert Geers, Delft University of Technology.
  • Dr. K.P. Hewagamage, University of Colombo School of Computing.


Special Acknowledgements

  • Peter de Klerk, Kristian Slabbekoorn, Egbert Bouman, Udara Weerakoon.


System manual and the installation guide can be found in the OSAS Documentation. to see publications click here.