eNOSHA stands for eLearning Neutral Object Storage with a Holistic Approach.

It is an open source Learning Object Repository developed in collaboration between: University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka Stockholm University and Orebro University, Sweden.



Full product together with the source code is available for download through this link.
Download and also from Sourceforge

The manual and the installation instructions can be found in the 'eNOSHA Manual'.

The Technical reference/Developer Guide for eNOSHA can be found in the 'eNOSHA Technical Reference'.

eNOSHA now has a moodle module, that allows access to external eNOSHA installations you might have from inside your moodle learning management system. The module can be downloaded through here. For installation/usage instructions please refer the documentation below.
The Technical reference/Developer Guide for eNOSHA moodle module can be found in the 'eNOSHA Moodle Module Technical Reference'.

Won a Merit Award (Research & Development Category) at the National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA) 2010 held on 1st October 2010.  

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