Online e-Testing System

It was required to implement a way to assess skills of FIT and BIT students while reducing the work load generated through the manual examination process. At the same time, it is required to extend the manual examination process to an online environment to enhance the value of BIT and FIT online learning culture. Online e-Testing system was developed and deployed considering this requirement. The main question type chosen was multiple choice questions. Other types of questions are also supported in the system. However, automated marking was able to implement easily for MCQs and Short Answers Questions only.

The architecture of Moodel LMS was studied and its testing engine was used as the core component of this Online e-Testing System. The system interface was designed and developed considering the interaction that takes place when a student takes online e-test. During the test, different colors are used to identify the student progress with respect to number of questions attempted. Several evaluations were carried out to find out the validity of this interface. When a students logins into the system using a user name and password, his status and examinations enrolled are verified through online interaction with the system.

Testing administrators can decide the number of attempts but generally one user is given only one attempt in a particular testing session. There is a timer counting displayed on the screen to notify the student available time depending on his/her start time of e-test. Friendly reminders (notifications) and different color codes were introduced to maintain the interaction simple and user friendly. At the end of time allocated for the e-test, his/her tests is automatically submitted and logout from the system. However, student can decide anytime to finish his test by submitting his work. In an MCQ based test, grades are immediately available for test administrators.


At the end of 2010, this online e-Testing System was used to test more than 2000 students during last 4 years under BIT and FIT programmes.


  • Mr. Geeth Sanjeewa Hettiarachchi
  • Mr. Udara weerakoon
  • Dr. K.P. Hewagamage