UCSC TV [Vidu Dahara] (Framework to webcast audio visual materials)

This framework was developed based on the open source resources and it is hosted at the UCSC. Many audio visual materials which we develop as supplementary materials cannot be uploaded into LMS/VLE environment, since it creates server overload. Sometimes, we are using Google service “YouTube” as a way to distribute this service. However, these are not sustainable materials and sometimes it is difficult to upload some materials due to technical (file sizes), copyrights or authors preferences to public domains like YouTube. During the last 10 years, large number of audio visual materials were developed at UCSC but they are not accessible in an online mode. As a result they have now become obsolete. UCSC.tv framework was used to develop to deliver these materials.

At the same time, the development of soft skills of online learners is very important requirement. Mentoring, counseling and guiding them in the correct direction is very important. UCSC.tv framework is used to deliver such soft skill development materials developed with the help of various volunteer contributors. This online TV, called Vidu Dhara (Knowledge Flow) was available for anyone to access at http://www.ucsc.tv . Using the resources of this TV was launched with the help of many staff members of UCSC.

UCSC.tv [Vidudahara] at the time was an integral part of Vidupiyasa (UCSC Virtual Campus) to promote audio visual education as well as to develop the soft skills of online learning community.



UCSCtv was an open source framework developed using two open source tools called OStube (Discontinued) and PHP-MOTION (http://www.phpmotion.com/) by combining them.