Reusable Composite SCORM e-Learning Objects

Composite SCORM e-learning object structure is implemented to optimize the reusability factor of SCORM e-learning objects. This structure is based on a new concept called “Open source SCORM e-learning object”, a technique which can access resource items or assets included in a SCORM e-learning object. Since the assets of a SCORM e-learning object are accessible it should be modified a few relevant assets when reusing the e-learning objects. This feature tends to shot-circuit the entire SCORM e-learning object modification process.

The implementation of the concept of “open source SCORM e-Learning object” was introduced as “Source view of Learning Object”. The Source view is the way to access the all containing assets or resource of a particular learning object. Each asset in the source view associates with certain modification operations. The Source view interface is as follows.


This project was completed by Gangani Siriwardana a former staff member in e-Learning center of UCSC. A poster paper, based on the above project was presented at the e-Asia 2009 conference held on 2nd to 4th December 2009 at BMICH, Colombo.