Online Voice Based Training Tool for English Language Learning

Nowadays English language plays an important role in our daily life, because almost every country is connected to a Business network that spread all around the world. Few decades back it was only about Importing and Exporting trade. But now it is much more than that. Countries are outsourcing other countries, they are requesting services from another country, western countries arriving east, seeking for cheap labour and advance technology, people from eastern countries moved to western countries seeking for better jobs and better lives, etc. Therefore it is essential to communicate using common language to survive in this situation. Most often that language would be English, because almost every business is running based on English medium. Ability to manage the English language does not solely do wonders for people they should be fluent and communicate effectively. To communicate effectively one should have a good knowledge in the language, how to interact with people and how to speak in a way the others prefer to listen. That is why one should get, a lot of practice by spending more time on learning how to communicate effectively in English.

Nowadays, the reality of the world is that it is developing so fast, so people have only limited time to get the practice required to convert their communication to an effective one. Since people have limited time to spend, having a less time consuming way to learn and practice would be a timely demanded solution.

The goals of our research is, enhancing pronunciation skills of the humans, allow humans to exchange their ideas through the web using their own voice and to support distance learning and e-learning by using the voice as the medium. During our research, we considered about the above facts, and we proposed to design a “Voice Based English Language Learning Tool” (VBELLT). VBELLT mainly consists of three components that assist people to train themselves in different ways.

A. Pronunciation training - The pronunciation training approach that we have proposed will be a great way to learn pronunciation especially if you have limited time to spend or else the affordable time sessions are discrete. So through this pronunciation training tool we train the user, how to pronounce properly.

B. Voice forum - Voice forum allows people to exchange their knowledge and ideas by using voice as the medium instead of text. People can search for a keyword using the search functionality, it search text descriptions of all the voice files for that keyword and send the result to the user.
C. Online Language learning room - In this approach users can log on to the system and join the online Language learning room. The teacher conducts a class using the virtual white board with other learning materials such as documents, presentation slides, etc.

The rest of this dissertation is organized as follows. We have discussed about the overview of project components and review of related works done in the research area is discussed, an assessment of potential online resources for improving online education. And then we have given an idea about the survey method that we have selected for gathering information from the users and results analysis procedure, etc. followed by discussion about the technical characteristic of this project, project design, project architecture and the more detail technical description about the project components and finally the feedback,