Empowering ICT Adaptation in Primary Education through OLPC in Sri Lanka

'Empowering ICT Adaptation in Primary Education through OLPC in Sri Lanka' is a project conducted by final year student group under the support of NeLC project.

The project, “Empowering ICT Adaptation in Primary Education of Sri Lanka through OLPC” aims to critically evaluate how this methodology has been practicing in Sri Lanka identifying its limitations by proposing constructive improvements. Apart from that they have taken steps in establishing a framework for OLPC based ICT adaptation in the primary education of Sri Lanka. Established framework facilitates all stakeholders to share their knowledge, skills & experience.

This project wishes to generate significant pedagogical evidences on the impact of the OLPC project in Sri Lanka primary education. Three major steps were taken in to the consideration when continuing the project. As the first step, the research team have included major arguments in the existing literature. Second, they have conducted a pre and post evaluation researches to gather the background information and requirements needed for the third and the final step. Third, and most importantly, they have attempted to develop a conscious framework to support and facilitate above findings. The framework includes, information portal, impact assessment, proposed Sri Lankan mechanism for island wide OLPC deployment and activity categorization

XO distribution & usage model guides an effective and flexible usage of XO among primary students. The level of interest among students on XO is analyzed by Mentoring & facilitating model. This model helps to identify the facilitating point which requires giving energy to the XO, providing new content to maintain the same level of interest among students. Activity based integration was conducted following students’ knowledge level, syllabus and Pigeon’s cognitive theory.

Implementation of networked learning environment helps building a virtual learning environment connecting students, teachers and other stakeholders.



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