Learning Sinhala in English

The main objective of this project is to develop effective training materials and a methodology to make learning another language less arduous. The framework “Shikshaka” developed is expected to be flexible enough to extend itself to be used by other project partners to teach their languages. For example, this software needs to be content independent and customizable. Contents can be added and updated easily. This tool is also need to have the following features: user friendliness, platform independence and localizability.

Hence, “Shikshaka”; a computer based teaching framework is developed to fulfill the above requirements. Considering these and other facts, we mainly focused our research on developing a Computer Aided Language Teaching framework (“Shikshaka”) and by using that developed a Language learning tool for learning Tamil in Sinhala.

To demonstrate its extenability, we also developed another course for learning "Sinhala in English". This consists fifteen chapters including Dialogues, Grammar and Exercises in an interactive way.

Linguists and consulted language professors from the University of Colombo developed this content and pedagogy for the tool. This developed content fulfill the expected scope in terms of content wise and conceptualize appropriate pedagogy in a delightful manner as serving both the global and local needs

Online version of the course is available at "Learning Sinhala in English"

Shiksha Progress Report "Status2010"