UCSC Digital Library

UCSC Digital Library is a part of the virtual campus initiative. It is supposed to play an important role promoting teaching, learning, research, development, publishing and collaborating among all sub-communities in the UCSC. Sub-communities are identified based on the user groups in the digital library. i.e. Academic Users, BIT Students, CSC Students, ICT students, MCSC Students, MIT Students, Mphil/Phd students, and Visitors. Current version is developed using DSpace Open Source System. Since this have copyrighted materials, only restricted party is allowed to access the digital library resources.



  • Fauzan Maharoof
  • Roshan Sedar
  • Nilakshi Rajapaksha
  • Sandamali Vidanagamage
  • J. K. P. S. Chathurika
  • Dr. K. P. Hewagamage


  • Isuru Balasooriya