(A Portal of Information for a Healthier Nation)

Knowledge transfers among medical professionals are limited to lectures in the educational institutes in Sri Lanka. This is a limited resource restricted to educational institutions and city based hospitals in Sri Lanka. SAUKYA.LK is an exclusive social networking service with state of the art technology for Consultants, Doctors, Medical Students and Other Professionals. The system is dedicated to provide top class health information and manage social network with knowledge. It helps to establish and maintain personal and professional relationships between people from all over the world. The system will address these issues by providing the facility to allow users to share their knowledge and experiences using the SAUKYA.LK system.

SAUKYA.LK helps users to gain medical knowledge, Find health related information, find people from all over the world, establish new personnel or professional connection, discuss medical cases, share your personnel knowledge, experiences and ideas, review the latest drugs and medical equipments in the market and many more. is an evolving site expanding the scope, content and services of to help make people's life better.’s uniqueness

  • At the time was the One & Only Medical e-learning System in Sri Lanka
  • Web based System - Accessibility
  • Locally Developed Application by Low Cost
  • Focused on needs of the Local Community
  • Share Knowledge and Experiences
  • Bridge between Apprenticeship & Professionalism
  • Educational Social Network
  • Online Discussion Table
  • Support for different Environments

Background and Motivation

Health is a primary human right and It is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and just not the non existence of disease or ailment. According to the World Bank, 70% of the South Asian population and about 75% of South Asia's poor live in rural areas and most of they do not have enough medical facilities and knowledge about modern technologies. Although Sri Lanka’s literacy and computer literacy are higher than other developing countries. As well as many countries in the world invest huge amounts of money to development of their health and E learning sectors. However there are no e health e learning systems in Sri Lanka. So we are targeted to develop e health e learning system which fitting to needs of local community by low cost. provides :

  • Medical knowledge
  • Medical and Health related information
  • Find people from all over the world
  • Establish new personnel or professional connection
  • Discuss medical issues
  • Share personal knowledge, experiences & thoughts
  • Review the latest drugs and medical equipments in the market
  • Medical Forums
  • Medical Articles
  • Gallery (Images, Videos and Audio Clips)
  • Sri Lankan Health Sector Information
  • Details about Medical Resources
  • Medical News
  • nteractive Chat
  • Medical Equipment Guide & Drug Guide
  • RSS Reader
  • 24x7 Help with User Guide
  • Details about Scholarships and Conferences